About Us

When we’re asked to describe ourselves, we like to say that Quemondo is to hooded tops what Mercedes is to cars. Or what Apple is to MP3s.

We’ve been in the manufacturing business for longer than we care to admit, and we know everything there is to know about quality clothing.

We’ve learned over the years that quality counts. We’ve seen clothing brands come and go but what makes Quemondo stand out is that we care about quality, and our passion is evident in every garment we stitch.

From the finest raw materials to the technical expertise of our designers and those on the factory floor, we ensure that the quality of our clothing speaks for itself.

We believe in producing casual clothing that stands out, designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet practical, and clothes that complement your personality.

Every aspect of Quemondo is created to make you look and feel fantastic, from design through to the colour and fit.

We sell exclusively online because we’d rather put all our efforts into producing unbeatable quality. It also means that we’re able to pass on the savings (see below) to our customers. So with Quemondo, you’re getting top-quality garments at value for money price – it’s a win-win!